A Lipid-based Drug for Treating Cancer
The technology is in form of a “Lipid based drug” which is aimed at treating cancer by occluding the blood supply to the tumor region. The said drug when injected intra-tumorally cut off the blood supply to the tumor, causing it to basically starve and die because of a lack of blood, without leaving any side-effect on the patient body. This is for the first time ever a lipid-based drug is developed for cancer. The molecule developed is a naturally occurring lipid present in the body, is non –toxic, and has both direct and selective tumoricidal and anti-angiogenic actions.The angiography study performed on five patients who have been administered this drug clearly highlights its highly selective mode of action. The administered drug selectively occludes tumor-feeding vessels without having any significant side-effects on the adjoining tissues. The methods of administration of this drug: (a) To locate an artery which carries major blood supply to the neoplastic region and which is proximalto the neoplastic region. (b) Intra-arterially injection of therapeutically effective amount of “Lipid-based drug” into the located artery.
Sector: Pharmaceuticals
Country: India
Area of Application: Treating Cancer, Lipid-based Drug
Keywords: Treating Cancer
Advantages: Break through drug for cancer Specific to tumor cell and doesn’t affect normal cells. Very selective to tumor cells. Hope to the patients who are unsuitable for any treatments. Has both tumoricidal and anti-angiogenic actions. Higher efficacy as the drug is specific and more bioavailable to the affected site.
Environmental aspects: Not Applicable
Development Status: Laboratory Model
Legal Protection: Patent
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Target Countries: India
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