Dendritic Cell Vaccination for Treatment of Gynecologic Cancer and Other Malignancies
DC vaccination has the potential to remove a major barrier to effective immunological treatment of ovarian cancer. The recent clinical evidence that Th17 infiltration in ovarian tumors has a strong positive correlation with improved survival, correlate with enhanced cytotoxic responses, provides a convincing rationale for Th17-driven cellular immunotherapy for ovarian cancer. The technology so developed has approaches for DC-driven redirection of ovarian tumor antigen-specific T cell responses away from Treg expansion and toward effective anti-tumor immunity. Immune cells are activated to attack ovarian tumor cells before transfer back into the patient have strong potential as alternative treatments to prevent disease recurrence or progression after surgery and chemotherapy.For DC vaccination to be clinically effective, the challenge is to identify novel approaches to DC preparation that bias immune responses away from Treg activation and in favor of effective anti-tumor immunity. The answer may lie in the finding that Treg responses can be reprogrammed into a different type of T cell response, called Th17 T cells. This is an exciting prospect, because recent clinical studies have found that ovarian cancer patients with a Th17 tumor infiltrate enjoy a markedly longer overall survival, suggesting that Th17 responses play a protective role in ovarian tumor immunity. The technology has an innovative approach for the education of DC, such that the DC directs T cell responses away from Treg activation and toward a Th17 response. We have also found that DC-driven stimulation of Th17 immunity is associated with activation of a strong cytotoxic T cell response that has the potential to kill ovarian tumor cells. In the absence of Th17 immunity, the cytotoxic T cell response was undetectable. These new techniques for DC vaccination have the potential to remove a major barrier to effective immunological treatment of ovarian cancer.
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Keywords: Gynecologic Cancer,Malignancies.
Advantages: The technology Covers extensive Patents portfolio which covers a range of antigens expressed in many different types of cancer. Dendritic Cells can be obtained in large numbers by generating them in vitro. Has the Potential to be a highly effective methiod of treating various cancers. Phase I trials has been completed for Cervical Cancer. Extended survival in ovarian cancer patients strong chance of success in treating ovarian cancer. Safe and feasible to administer. Advanced side effects are very rare.
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