Agriculture & Agro-industry
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Activated Carbon from Coconut Shell Charcoal
Agriculture & Agro-industry
Agriculture Biomass Pyrolysis Plant
Banana Fiber Extraction Machinery
Banana Processing/Onion Oil Extraction
Bio Coal technology
Corn Dry Milling Process
Cotton Seed Oil Extraction and Refining Plant
De-hydration & Canning of Fruits & Vegetables
Ethanol Production Plant,5000 KLPD
Extracting Materials from Medicinal Plants and Vegetables
Extraction of Fibre from Banana pseudo stem
Extraction of Fibre from Banana Pseudo Stem
Extraction of Liquid and White Powder from Stevia
Extraction of Phytochemicals from Herbal Plants
Ferrous Sulphate
Food processing technology
Gassifying Sugarcane Farm Residues
Health Care Wheat Flour
Home Cultivation of Spirulina
IBR Vaccine
Lightweight, Low cost Stabilising Agent for Humectants, Should be a Sustainable, Food-grade and Non-combustible Material
Low HP Tractor Technology (12-25 HP)
Magnetized Fertilizer from Fly Ash
Magnetizing Machine for Production of Magnetized Fertilizer
Manufacturing of Bio-Coal
Micropropagation of Potato Cultivation
oleoresin manufacturing technology
Partnership Required in Sprayer Manufacturing in India
Pectin From Mango
Post Harvest Techniques for Spirulina
Precipitated Calcium Carbonate
precipitated silica from rice husk ash
Quarantine Research Facility (Fiji)
Rice HusK Ash to Concrete Blocks
Rice Husk Perticle Board manufacturing
Rooting Hormones
Spent Wash Treatment from Distillation
Spirulina (Blue Green Algae)
Spirulina Cultivation
Spirulina Cultivation
Spirulina cultivation
spirulina production technology
Stevia Technology
Sugarbeet extraction technology plus processing machineries for producing white sugar
Tea harvesting mechines