Description of technology
Biogas : Any organic material when subject to anaerobic fermentation (in absence of oxygen), produces combustible gas called “biogas”. Biogas can be produced from any organic matter - animal dung, sewage, kitchen wastes, human excreta etc. from any biodegradable items. It contains methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2) with other composition of gases as per the following, Methane (CH4) – 50-70% Carbon dioxide (CO2) 30-40% Nitrogen (N2) – 5-10% Hydrogen (H2 )– 0-1% Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) - 0.6% The methane gas is highly combustible In the presence of oxygen. Biogas can be used as an energy source for any purpose from cooking to electricity generation. Once the plant is completed the owner will be trained by the construction company with basic operating skill. An operating manual will be provided to the owner. After sales service give by the companies for 3 years where the plant will be visited by the company supervisor once a year for 3 years.
Specific Features
It replaces firewood, kerosene etc. which controls the Co2 emission and helps for clean environment.
Keywords (maximum 5)
Biogas , Organic waste, cattle dung, anaerobic fermentation.
Status of Technology
Fully Commercialized
It is low and simple technology. Suitable for rural household. Saves time (specially of women) Reduces health problem. Enhance agro-productions. Saves environment from pollution.

Areas of application/Business opportunities
Rural & semi urban areas households with cattle land for agricultural products
List of components used
Inlet, Digester, Dome, Outlet, Stove, lamps, water-drain, Pipelines, Compost pit etc.
Name of the component
Non; 6 m3 biogas plant
Materials required for construction
Cement, brick or stone, sand, appliances, pipe, valve, stove, lamps
Procedure of Installation
Demand collection, feasibility study of areas and others, sales agreement, excavation, material provide from user’s site, appliances provides from company site, registered mason engaged in the construction works, supervision from company, test, prepare
Maintenance requirements

Inspect plants after completion as per the norms of 3 years guarantee service. The plant will be visited for 2 consecutive years after completion year. Plant will be checked by the supervisor of the company and reported to BSP-N
Total investment
Rs. 400,000.00 to Rs.600,000.00
Technology transfer terms
Name of the organization
Biogas Sector Partnership Nepal (BSP-N)
Address/Zip code
Bagdol, Lalitpur
Nepal Telephone
0977-1-5549842/5524665 Fax:5524755