Description of technology
A photovoltaic solar module is a set of electrically connected solar cells. Quite often, single solar cells do not produce enough electrical power. Therefore many PV cells are combined in so called photovoltaic solar modules and wheatherproof mounted between glass plates. This assembly can be done either automatically or manually. The manufacturing process consists of several steps such as tabbing & stringing, layup & busing, lamination, assembly & performance test etc. It can be used for the on grid/off grid application of rural as well as urban applications. We (Central Electronics Limited) have already successfully transferred technology for manufacturing SPV modules for crystalline silicon based solar cells to Rajasthan Electronics & Instruments Limited (REIL) India, Scientific Studies & Research Centre (SSRC) Syria and very recently in Sudan. We are in agreement with Mozambique and Mali to transfer the SPV module technology.
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Best alternate of the conventional electricity
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Modules, technology transfer
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(i) Low maintenance and payback costs
(ii) Utilization of solar energy in terms of electrical power
(iii) Ecologically friendly
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Renewable Energy-Solar Photovoltaic’s
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