Description of technology
Wind technology in Thailand is implemented at HuaSai District in Nakhon Srithammarat province. It is FD-7X series double-Fed Asynchronous WTGS designed by Changzhou Railcar Propulsion Engineering R&D Centre. The wind turbine has a rate power of 1.5 MW. Rotor diameter is 77 m, corresponded to rated wind speed of 11.5 m/s. The wind turbine is horizontal-axis type, upwind design with 3 blades. When asynchronous generator rotor works within the certain upper and lower range of synchronous speed, it can be operated under the state of electricity generation: both ends feed back electricity and generator stator winding directly feeds electricity to grid; when rotor speed is higher than synchronous speed, electricity is transmitted to grid after rotor winding current adjusted and controlled by transducer. Rotor power flows to both directions, and leads to decouple control of active power and reactive power of generator. A technical expert is required to operate and maintain the system.
Specific Features
This wind energy technology can produce up to 1.5 MW power output and thus it can reduce fossil fuel consumption for power generation
Keywords (maximum 5)
Horizontal axis, low speed wind turbine, 3 blades wind turbine
Status of Technology
Fully Commercialized
Wind energy releases no pollution into the air or water, and does not contribute to global warming
Areas of application/Business opportunities
The potential areas of wind energy in Thailand are in the Northeastern, Western and Southern part of the country.
List of components used
Blade, rotor, gearbox, braking systems, generator, yaw bearing, tower
Name of the component
Rotor and blade, Generator
Changzhou Railcar Propulsion Engineering R&D centre /EnvirontechII co., Ltd.
Capacity/Wattage (W)
Rotor and blade - 1.5 MW, Generator - 1.530 MW
Voltage input (V)
Generator - 690 KV
Efficiency (%)
Generator - 97.2 %
Name of the organization
Environtech II co., Ltd.
Address/Zip code
161/42 soi Vibhavadee rungsit 76, don muang, Bangkok 10210