06 to 08 July 2015
Bangkok, Thailand

APCTT in partnership with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and Thailand Institute for Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR) organized the Biomass Open Research Forum: Biomass Resource Assessment for ASEAN+6 Countries in Bangkok during 9-10 July 2015.Participants from 15 member States, namely Afghanistan, Australia, Cambodia, China, Japan, India, Indonesia, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Malaysia, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Viet Nam, participated in the regional workshop and the open forum. They were provided with hands-on training on various tools and techniques for performing biomass resource assessments at the national level. The open forum facilitated brainstorming on the establishment of the ASEAN network on biomass open research for facilitation of South-South cooperation among member countries in the ASEAN region and beyond with regards to biomass energy development, transfer and adoption. This APCTT-led initiative to support the establishment of an ASEAN Network for Biomass Open Research (ANBOR) with Thailand Biomass Consortium (TBC) as the Secretariat of ANBOR received formal approval from ASEAN Secretariat. The ANBOR network is envisaged to be the gateway for technology transfer as well as research collaboration among ASEAN countries on biomass energy and APCTT will be working towards facilitating cross-border technology transfer partnerships of ANBOR with other national and regional cooperation networks on biomass energy in the Asia Pacific region.

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