From 14 June 2016 to 15 June 2016
International Renewable Energy Agency
Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research
Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Royal Thai Government


The workshop on opportunities and challenges in biomass conversion technology provided an effective platform for ASEAN + 6 countries for knowledge sharing on technical aspects that are critical for accelerating biomass energy deployment in the region. The event also explored how regional and international platforms could be effectively used for promoting renewable power deployment in ASEAN + 6 countries. The workshop enhanced the knowledge of participants on biomass conversion technology, increased the awareness on best practices from regional and global perspectives and identified entry points for cross-border collaboration among ASEAN+6 countries on bioenergy technology development and transfer and enhanced regional network among key stakeholders in the region.

The workshop was attended by Government officials, research scientists, private sector representatives, technology intermediaries and other relevant stakeholders in ASEAN +6 countries involved in the promotion of biomass energy technologies.

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