Multi Compartment Monopacking For Long shelf Life of Food (Without Refrigeration or Preservatives)
We have developed first of its kind in the World, packaging technology for packaging all kinds of ethnic/non-ethnic food including roti - poori (Indian breads), all curry vegetables, rice, sweets (including ethnic Indian sweets), etc., in: This technology involves multi compartment mono packing (Thali) with long shelf life of 6 months to over a year, without the need for refrigeration or adding preservatives! We need finance or grant of about 0.5 million USD to demonstrate basic technology. We strongly believe that this technology could solve the problem of wastage of vegetables and food products that seasonally remain as overstocks or unsold.
Sector: Plastics
Country: India
Keywords: multi compartment, monopacking, long shelf life, food products, vegetables, wastage
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