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Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies for inclusive and sustainable development
Apr-Jun 2021
Science technology and innovation for sustainable and resilient recovery from Covid-19 crisis
Jan-Mar 2021
Sustainable Energy Development – Innovative business models and best practices
Oct-Dec 2020
Technological innovations to control COVID-19 pandemic
Jul-Sept 2020
Intellectual Property Management
Apr-Jun 2020
Science Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Ocean Economy
Jan-Mar 2020
Promotion of Technology-based Startups in the Asia-Pacific
Oct-Dec 2019
Promoting Green Technologies - Innovative Mechanisms and Partnerships
Jul-Sept 2019
Fourth Industrial Revolution Technologies for Inclusive and Sustainable Development
Apr-Jun 2019
Technologies for Inclusiveness and Equality
Jan-Mar 2019
Biotechnology Commercialisation and Transfer in Asia and the Pacific
Oct-Dec 2018
Financing innovation in Asia and the Pacific
Jul-Sept 2018
Technology-based Entrepreneurship and Innovative Start-ups
Apr-Jun 2018
Enhancing Technology Access to Reduce Inequality
Jan-Mar 2018
Big Data innovation for sustainable development and humanitarian action
Oct-Dec 2017
Innovation, technology transfer and management for safe and sustainable water
Jul-Sept 2017
Science, Technology and Innovation for achieving SDGs in the Asia-Pacific
Apr-Jun 2017
Sustainable energy technologies:Challenges and opportunities for the Asia-Pacific
Jan-Mar 2017
Digital technology and economy fostering inclusive development
Oct-Dec 2016
Social innovation for inclusive and sustainable development Current practices and challenges
Jul-Sept 2016
Technology transfer through foreign direct investment Policy approaches in the Asia-Pacific region
Apr-Jun 2016
Science, Technology and Innovation as a means to achieve 2030 sustainable development agenda
Jan-Mar 2016
Perspectives on financing and investment Strengthening innovation-driven inclusive and sustainable development
Oct-Dec 2015
Smart specialization to enhance national
Jul-Sept 2015
Renewable and sustainable energy technologies for last mile connectivity
Apr-Jun 2015
New and emerging science, technology and innovation strategies
Jan-Mar 2015