High speed GLS lamp manufacturing plant
Indian company is engaged in the export of various plamts including steel plants, engineering products, infrastructure projects, etc.and has executed a large number of turnkey projects in various countries. It is also the recipient of the Special Shield for Turnkey Industrial Export and the Trophy for Top Project Exporter (Engineering) from Government of India. It offers to supply high speed GLS lamp manufacturing plant The plant and machinery and other information is as follows: 1. Exhaust tube (lead glass cutting machine): One with sliding cutter and end glazzing: the machine is fabricated structure and it cuts the exhaust tubes and glazzed as per size required. Capactity: 3000 Pcs per hour Operator required: 1 No. Diamensions (approx): 0.5 m x 1.2 m x 0.75 m Weight (approx): 75 Kgs Power required: 0.5 HP Motor Service required: LPG 4/5 Kg/Shift Air: 50 M3 2. Flare Machine (12 - Head) Score cut/hot cut: One type with motor.
Sector: Electrical & Electronics
Country: People’s Republic of China
Area of Application: Electrical industry, electronics industry
Keywords: Electrical industry, electronics industry
Environmental aspects:
Development Status:
Legal Protection:
Technical specifications:
Transfer Terms: Turnkey
Target Countries:
Contact Person: Polytex Chemical Engg Co.
Address: Polytex Chemical Engg Co. Ltd No.317 Wenhuidong Rd, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu, China
City: Yangzhou
Country: China
Zip/Pin Code: 225009

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