ABT Rooting Powder - a Plant Growth Regulator
Chinese R&D organisation offers rooting powder which is a kind of compound plant growth regulator. There are currently 5 models being used extensively in many areas. The yield of the crops can be increased by 10 to 40%, when the seeds used are mixed or soaked in the rooting powder. During cuttings in forestry if the soaking treatment is used it will promote the growth of roots by 93%. While transplantation and afforestation the percentage of survived roots can be increased by 15 to 23%. Tests made on tea-bushe and tea-oil tree cuttings treated with the ABT powder showed the increase of the rooting rate by 15%, increased length of roots and tip rate. Its difference from the similar products both at home and abroad lies in the advantage that it can not only provide the external source hormone, but also promote the formation of internal source hormone. At present ABT has been used on 1133 kinds and varieties of plants. Analysis and steady-state analysis methods are used, thus ensuring
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