Cleaner Chromium Tanning
A Chinese firm is offering technology of cleaner chromium tanning method, closed pickle tan loop system. The technology involves continous recycling of spent liquors from a suitably standardized less-chrome, high exhaustion chrome tanning in pickling such that there is no discharge of exhaust liquors containing chrome tanning processes, preventing pollution due to these substances on the one hand and avoiding material loss on the other. Compared to conventional chrome tanning process, this new pickle-tan closed loop system ensures near zero discharge of potential pollutants such as chrome and neutral salts viz. sodium chloride and sodium sulphate. Since sulphate bearing streams viz. pickling and chrome tanning spent liquors are continuously recycled and not being allowed to mix with other sectional waste liquors, the anaerobic treatment of end of pipe treatment is improved. Sludge produced would be almost free chrome and hence, disposal becomes easier.
Sector: Ceramics & Glass
Country: China
Area of Application: Chemical industry, Tanning industry, Leather industry
Keywords: Chemical industry, Tanning industry, Leather industry
Advantages: Cleaner production: near zero discharge of chrome and neutral salts in pickle and chrome tanning processes thus preventing pollution due to these substances Avoids material loss Water consumption in pickle-tan stage is considerably minimized.
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Technical specifications: Cleaner Chromium Tanning Method - Closed Pickle Tan Loop System
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Contact Person: Polytex Chemical Engg Co.
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Country: China
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