Ultrasonic Level Measurement Instrument
ANLYSUN designed, 8 meters, 12 meters and 25 meters, three kinds of specification model disembodies and integral whole 2 lines system. The Ultrasonic Level Measurement Product of ANLYSUN development in the high-level instrument has a forerunner filters tracking algorithm and self-adapting frequency trim and power to adjust capability, which can effectively catch a true echo within noisily the electricity and voice noise. The requirement provided various echo algorithms a pattern, schema satisfaction the dissimilarity industrial site in the meantime. Its brain power turns the design thought of the emission pattern, schema of the self-adapting supersonic wave, ultrasound wave and emission frequency and insured measurement effect very good have various in expiation of pattern, schemas in the meantime and inside place temperature compensation. After throw in action, consumer responds when the first time use to need to adjust a lot of setup parameters, hence ANLYSUN according to the occasion of final consumer's feedback, simplified a consumer parameter setup an interface just in time, change fulfillment from technical personnel in the plant house on the scene environment match debug, let the consumer use more simple menu interface, the product has been use good.
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Advantages: The organization of ANLYSUN has the design and development ability of the Level Measurement product, the experience that have 5 years to design to develop this kind of product, once designed 8m, 12m, 30m Ultrasonic Level Measurement products, master in the product core technique and craft. ANLYSUN can provide, from development, design, craft to produce, the whole process service, Such as have intention to can contact with us. [http://wwwanlysun.com]
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