High Precision Components & Modular Assemblies
A UK based engineering company specialising in the design, manufacture, assembly & testing of high precision components & modular assemblies for Aerospace & Defence sector is searching for design and manufacturing opportunities for innovative, high precision engineering components and assemblies, relating to the following:-

1.Capabilities - High tech, low volume production:

2. Extensive design, machining and development
3. Prototyping
4. Extensive machining facilities - Vertical & Horizontal
5. CNC Milling; CNC & Manual Turning
6. Finishing & Ultrasonic Cleaning
7. Hydraulics / Pneumatics / Electrical
8. Modular assembly
9. BS.EN.ISO 9001:2000 Accredited
10.Class 10,000 Clean Room facilities
11.High pressure and vacuum testing
12.Established technical sales force
13.Turnkey Project Management
14.Supply Chain Management
15.Supply of documentation verifying measurement of dimensions for tight tolerance products

The company has considerable expertise in all stages of the supply chain, from design and prototyping, to production, assembly and vigorous testing, providing suppliers and OEMs with a complete project management solution. It has a reputation for quality products that can be delivered within a rapid timeframe to markets which demand high reliability and performance.

The company seeks to acquire rights to innovative products and technologies that are synergistic to its current activities and will enhance business growth. The company is interested in relevant product distribution and manufacturing opportunities, in addition to company acquisitions and forming appropriate strategic alliances and partnerships.
Licensing & acquisition of low volume, high tech / value products requiring design skills and utilising advanced clean room facilities, extensive machining capabilities and rigorous testing are of particular interest to the company.
Sector: Aerospace
Country: United Kingdom
Area of Application: Aerospace, Machinery industry, High precision components
Keywords: modular assembly, high precision component
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Development Status: Idea
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Transfer Terms: Joint Venture , Technology Licensing , Others
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Contact Person: UNESCAP-APCTT
Address: C-2, Qutab Instituational Area
City: New Delhi
Country: India
Zip/Pin Code: 110016

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