Prevention of Gasoline Evaporation & Fire Risk at Gas Station
The gas leaking in manhole tank while it’s loaded could be solved with good quality instruments. The leaking occurred when the gas is loaded and unloaded from the manhole tank. This would cause loss for the company. The instruments which have been setting at gas station are able to prevent gasoline evaporation, water and fire inside the tank. Beside that, it is also prevent dropped gas around the tank. The technology used has copyright and also proved in some laboratory test, so that the quality of the product is better than any other products. Therefore, with refining in product, facility, management and also marketing, it would develop the company. Another benefit which can be got is healthier environment, time and power saving because of the strainer in pomp is not cleaned too often. Beside that, the gas loaded pump will work lighter. That could prevent loss caused by gas evaporation.
Sector: Instrumentation
Country: Indonesia
Area of Application: Industry
Keywords: Digital Systems, Digital Representation, Automation, Robotics Control Systems
Environmental aspects: Cleaner Production , Energy efficiency
Development Status: Laboratory Model
Legal Protection: Patent
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Transfer Terms: Joint Venture
Target Countries: Afghanistan, Barbados, Antigua And Barbuda
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Contact Person: INTIM, Indonesia
Address: Indonesian Network for Technology-Industry Matching (INTIM), Gedung BPPT 1, Lt. 21 Jl. MH. Thamrin no. 8
City: Jakarta
Country: Indonesia
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