Efficient Stripping of Yarn & Thread Remnants from Bobbines and Tubes
German company, established in 1980, one of the world market leaders in textile machinery offers technology for stripping of yarn and thread remnants from bobbins and tubes. It is a newly pioneered technology of stripping machinery from manual to automatic to revolutionise the removal of waste yarns. The stripping machines are designed to cope with both straight and tapered cones of different lengths and diameters. They efficiently remove all different types of yarns cleanly and separates cones from wastes. The company is looking for a technology buyer that would either be an industrial machinery manufacturing or engineering company with access to yarn industry, high engineering capacity, and communication skills. It would also be able to provide after sales services. Contact Details: Mr. Peter Seroka, PGS Peter G Seroka & Partners, Sandweg 53, D-60316 Frankfurt, Germany, Phone: +4969495151, Fax: +49694970942, Email: [email protected]
Sector: Garment
Country: Germany
Area of Application: Textile industry: - Heavy duty stripping machines for yarn manufacturers, removing all types of yarn from medium to large packages up to 340 mm and a max length of 300 mm; - Waste stripping machines for the carpet and spinning industry removing yarn from both straight, taper and BICO cones; - Textile waste stripping machines, accepting both cones and tubes of varying dimensions with capacity to remove yarn in one cut taking 1/2 seconds; - Removal of fibres from aluminium parallel tubes at a capacity of 180 per hour.
Keywords: stripping, remnant, bobbine, tube, textile
Advantages: - Increase in productivity with related profits and quick pay-back period; - High quality precision machinery with full back-up service; - Safer working practices, enhanced safety features; - Waste reduction, contributes to cleaner environment.
Environmental aspects: Waste Reduction
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Legal Protection: Patent
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Transfer Terms: Technology Licensing
Target Countries: China, India, Philippines
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Contact Person: Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology (APCTT)
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