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Computational Techniques For The Heat Transfer and Solidification of Steel in the Continuous Casting Machine: Thai university has developed a computational technique for the heat transfer and solidification of steel in continuous casting machine. The formulation of the numerical method is cast into the framework of the Petrov-Galerkin FE method with a step test function across the control volume and locally constant approximation to the fluxes of heat and fluid. CONTACT DETAILS: Dr. Benchawan Wiwatanapataphee - National Metal and Materials Technology Center, National Science and Technology Development Agency. Gypsum Metropolitan Tower, 9th floor, 539/2, Sri Ayudhya, Rajdhavee, Bangkok 10400"
Sector: Information Technology
Country: India
Area of Application: The numerical technique developed is for studying fluid flow-heat transfer phenomenon in the continuous casting of steel in which the effect of casting speed, thermal conductivity of mould powder, gap size and thermal contact resistance or solidification characteristics has been investigated.
Keywords: computational, technique, heat, trasfer, solidification, steel, casting, machine,
Advantages: It improves the accuracy of results especially for problems with sharp boundary layer such as the solution around the solidification front.
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