Small Steam Turbine: Suitable for Power, Chemical, Petroleum, Textile, Pharmaceutical, Food, Paper and Other Industries
The small steam turbine works by pressure and temperature differences between the passing-in and passing-out steams. When equipped with an electric generator and a steam boiler with an over-heater, it becomes an electric generator set. The steam turbine is also an ideal motive power for water pumps, blast fans, etc. The matched steam boiler, generator and their manufacturing technologies can also be provided. CONTACT DETAILS: Mr. Li Juntian - Economist, 699 Lianmeng Road, Shijiazhuang 050 061, Hebei, China. Tel: (86-311) 777 5046 - Fax: (86-311) 777 5048
Sector: Power
Country: India
Area of Application: Energy: thermoelectric power stations using waste heat, chemical industry, petroleum industry, textile industry: dyeing and printing, pharmaceutical industry, pulp and paper industry, sugar refineries, wine industry, etc.
Keywords: energy, thermoelectric, waste, heat, chemical, petroleum, steam, boiler, generator, turbine,
Advantages: High efficiency; Energy saving; Run-reliability; Simple operation; Quick start; Convenient installation and maintenance; Low noise; Compact structure.
Environmental aspects: Energy efficiency
Development Status: Fully Commercialized
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Transfer Terms: Consultancy , Joint Venture , Technology Licensing , Equipment Supply , Turnkey, Others
Target Countries: World Wide
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