Gear Fully Adjustable
VARIABLE-DIAMETER GEAR FULLY ADJUSTABLE SPEED DRIVE - "VGFASD': Chinese organization has developed the Variable-diameter Gear Fully Adjustable Speed Drive "VGFASD” which is a high-tech achievement. It took about ten years for the researchers of this project to invent this unit. VGFASD is a general drive, which could obtain a constant-power step les speed change. The jobs involved in the various stages during the development of the project, such as the derivation of the theory, construction design, and dynamic simulating analysis are completed now. The organization had manufactured several prototypes in different sizes and horse-power and is now planning to improve its construction. It is therefore looking for co-partners to start development of the accessories required by various industries and to get the commercialization of this project done as soon as possible.
Sector: Automotive Components
Country: India
Area of Application: Machinery industry, automobile industry
Keywords: gear, speed, adjustable, automotive, components
Advantages: Comparison with the existing technology: (a) Power: It is difficult that all of the existing step less speed changers are used with the units with the power more than 30-50 kw. Even through it has a transmission power as high as that level, it would have a complicated construction and the increase in cost is in the geometrical progression. That is to say, the existing step less speed changers can not squeeze in the market of the variable transmission with the power higher than 30-50 KW, where this project will monopolize the market. (b) Efficiency: The efficiency of the existing step Less speed changers is low and can not be expected to improve significantly. Because of the superiority in the efficiency, this product is able to pound at the market shared by the existing step less speed changers or substitute them. It means that in the market of variable-transmission with the power up to 30-50 kw, this product will be competitive. (c) Cost: Because of their simple construction, the products of this project have the superiority over all of the existing step less speed changers in cost. The cost of some products included by the project will be a half to one tenth of that of the existing step less speed changers with the same size, that is, the success of this project development will lash at the whole variable-transmission industries.
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Contact Person: APCTT (UNESCAP)
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