Hi-Dea Seed Potato
HI-DEA SEED POTATO TISSUE CULTURE TECHNOLOGY: Korean company offers advanced biotechnology that allows mass production of high quality seed potatoes. The technology was developed in 1989 in a Korean R&D institute and commercialized jointly with the Hi-Dea company. The production system of seed potatoes is an innovative one and consists of two key technologies: for potato micro tubers (HMCT) being mass produced from tissue culture facilities all the year round, and for potato mini tubers (HMNT) being mass produced in green houses. HMCT (0.5-2g in vitro) is the seed potato which is mass-produced by the Hi-Dea tissue culture technology in clean culture rooms. HMNT (5-15 g) is the first generation seed potato which is harvested from HMCT planted in pot cultivation using an artificially sterilized soil-medium in green houses with high density, short-term cultivation. CONTACT DETAILS: Mr. Sil Hwang. 7/F Dong Kyung Bldg., 824-19 Yeok Sam-Dong, Kang Nam-Ku, Seoul 135 080, Korea. Tel: (82-2) 5571674; Fax: (82-2) 557 1644; E-mail: [email protected]
Sector: Biotechnology
Country: India
Area of Application: Hi-Dea seed potatoes would bring about a great revolution in potato agriculture in the countries which: need to replace conventional seed potatoes that have been degenerated by various diseases; have low productivity of potatoes due to various diseases (viruses, fungi, bacteria, etc.); are willing to build their own renewable seed potato production system instead of the conventional multiplication system of seed potatoes; want to mass produce newly-developed varieties in a short period; have the conventional production system collapsed because of natural disasters such as floods and droughts; are willing to improve the efficiency of the conventional cultivation and multiplication systems of seed potatoes by means of innovative and advanced; have been importing a large quantity of seed potatoes from other countries at a high cost.
Keywords: hi, dea, seed, potato, culture, biotechnology
Advantages: HMCT and HMNT are superior to the conventional seed potatoes in quality, price, storage, transportation, the multiplication period, and the production system. HMCT has the following specific advantages: Free of diseases: produced by a strict, scientific production process in clean culture rooms, it is not infected by potato diseases such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi; Sharp reduction in the production cost and supply price by virtue of mass production: the production cost is reduced sharply by the year-round mass production system in culture rooms; Accordingly, the supply price is more competitive than any other seed potato belonging to the same quality class; Sharp reduction of distribution cost: weighing between 0.5 g and 2 g, it has the distribution cost considerably reduced with regards to long distance transportation and long-term storage; Shortened production period: it has 2-3 multiplication cycles, including one n the green house before it is released to farmers as certified seed potatoes. HMNT has the following advantages: High quality and purity similar to HMCT: HMNT is seldom infected by potato diseases and is of similar quality to HMCT, for HMNT is obtained by the cultivation of HMCT in the artificially sterilized soil-medium in green houses; High adaptability capable of being planted directly in the field; Easiness in handling, transportation, and storage: it is lighter and smaller compared with conventional seed potatoes which reduces storage and transportation cost; Mechanised sowing is possible: it can be easily sown by a sowing machine owing to its standardized size; Competitive price due to additional multiplication (1-2 cycles).
Environmental aspects: Systems integration
Development Status: Fully Commercialized
Legal Protection: Patent
Technical specifications: Patented in 19 countries, including Korea, 14 EU countries, China, Russia, Australia and Japan. Commercialized in Korea and Thailand. MORE ABOUT TRANSFER TERMS: The company supplies the seed potatoes
Transfer Terms: Consultancy , Technology Licensing
Target Countries: World Wide
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Contact Person: APCTT (UNESCAP)
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