Computer-operated Technology for Chemical Weed Control on Railroads
A Hungarian SME has developed a computer-operated technology for chemical weed-control on railroads. The greatest advantage of the system is that it can conform the environmental interests to the economic interests of the for-profit firm implementing the spraying. The technology divides the 6.4 meter-wide rail track into 7 lanes perpendicular to the rail-track. It can spray out four different types of agents in optional proportions in each lane. The reaction time of the system allows a longitudinal resolution of only 1 meter.
Sector: Environment
Country: Hungary
Area of Application: Environment, Chemicals - The potential users of the offered technology are railways companies and companies which are interested in chemical weed control on railroads.
Keywords: weed control, railway, chemicals
Advantages: - The use of chemicals can be minimalized. - It does not let chemicals to clear surface. - There is no overdose. - Work can be done by night as well. - Optimal dosing - Complex information-processing - With this new technology, the short decay-time post-emergent chemical agents that cause less harm to the environment become dominant as opposed to the long decay-time pre-emergent agents. However, this system is also suitable for the traditional total spraying with any kind of chemical agents. The saving on the amount of chemical agents is because of using area-selective, species-specific technologies, and because the spraying amount in the technology is proportional to the growth stage of the weed.
Environmental aspects: The System Makes Possible the use of Technologies Developed for the Decrease of Chemical Emission in Case of Short Decay-Time Post-Emergent Agents
Development Status: Fully Commercialized
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Transfer Terms: Joint Venture , Technical Services , Technology Licensing , Others
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Contact Person: Laser Consult Ltd.
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