Precision Blasting Packaging Equipment
A Hungarian SME is offering a blasting packaging machine. The newly developed automatic blasting packaging machine replaces the highly dangerous and uneconomical method of hand-made blasts. Length, size and weight of blasts can be changed in seconds and the functioning of this technology is economical, safe and precise.
Sector: Machinery & Equipment
Country: Hungary
Area of Application: Mining, Drilling, Alternative Energy - Potential users are companies interested in industrial blasting, mining, construction and building industry, chemical industry.
Keywords: blasting, machine, mining, energy
Advantages: With the automated filling process of offered technology, the length, the size, the weight of blasts can be changed very quickly, just in seconds. A main advantage is that the manufactured blasts in one series have exactly the same features and characteristics, such as the weight and size, which were unfeasible in the case of hand-made blasts. The production in this way is more economical and needs less raw materials, and produces no waste. The manufacturing process is fast, easily variable, economic, the handling of the machine is obvious, and the functioning is safe and precise.
Environmental aspects: Energy efficiency , Produces no Waste
Development Status: Commercial Prototype
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Transfer Terms: Subcontracting , Technology Licensing , Others
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Contact Person: Laser Consult Ltd.
Address: H-6701 Pf. 1191.
City: Szeged
Country: Hungary
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