Decomposition of Keratin-containing Waste (Feather)
A Hungarian research institute offers a microbiological method to decompose keratin- (the main protein component of feather) containing waste. It gives a new, environmentally friendly, final method to decompose keratin from waste of poultry- and feather processing factories. Keratin is a very stabile protein component of the feather. Therefore the decomposition of keratin containing waste is a crucial and acute problem of the poultry- and feather processing factories. The offered method is based on a controlled biological procedure in which a mixture of bacteria living at 50° C can decompose keratin and biomass is created. Since this process goes on at elevated temperature, it is 10-12 times faster than competing biological methods, which proceed at ambient temperature.
Sector: Environment
Country: Hungary
Area of Application: Poultry Processing, Feather Processing - The method can be used to decompose keratin from the waste of poultry processing industry, and feather processing industry.
Keywords: environmental protection, keratin, decomposition, waste
Advantages: Comparing to the incineration, the biotechnological method provides a relatively cheap solution for the problem since this method, firstly does not claim such a big investment as a combustion furnace. Secondly it does not claim so much energy as in the case of incineration. Thirdly feather needs not to be transported. Therefore the maintenance and running costs are low. This method is more effective than other biological methods, since it goes on at elevated temperature. The method is environmentally friendly since it does not use any chemical agent and does not cause any harmful emission that can occur during incineration.
Environmental aspects: Energy efficiency , Bio-Degradable and Environmental Friendly
Development Status: Laboratory Model
Legal Protection: Secret Know-How
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