Wastewater Treatment in Electroplating
A Hungarian SME offers wastewater treating equipment family for treating and decontaminating wastewater deriving from surface-treating workshops. The wastewater treating equipment removes and eliminates the contaminants from various types of wastewater produced in the surface-treating workshop, in order to keep their concentration under the limits. The wastewater treating equipment is designed according to the quantity and the type of wastewater (e.g. acidic, alkaline etc.) and with the concentration of contaminant (thin solution or concentrated solution).
Sector: Environment
Country: Hungary
Area of Application: Electroplating, Metal Processing: companies providing electroplating services and companies active in metal processing and/or machinery industry having an in-house electroplating workshop.
Keywords: wastewater, electroplating, environmental protection
Advantages: - all regulation relating to contaminants can be kept - water demand of the surface-treating workshops can be decreased radically - the quantity of sludge deriving from surface treatment and costs of deposition can be significantly dropped - due to the individual manufacturing, special problems can be solved - the equipment operates automatically and does not need expensive manpower
Environmental aspects: Waste Water Treatment
Development Status: Commercial Prototype
Legal Protection: Secret Know-How
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Transfer Terms: Technology Licensing , Others
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Contact Person: Laser Consult Ltd.
Address: H-6701 Pf. 1191.
City: Szeged
Country: Hungary
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