Innovative Bio-compatible Plug for Orthopaedic Hip Prosthesis
A Hungarian SME developed the prototype of bio-compatible bone plug which suitable for use as a cement restrictor for hip prosthesis. Advantages of bio-compatible bone plugs over actually used cement stop are lower costs and shorter convalescence. This bio-asorvable bone plug can be used for the primerely implantation and revision of cement restricted hip prosthesis. Plugs actually used are made from femoral head of the patients, plastic and gelatin. Bio-asorvable bone plug made from different mixtures of biometric polymers and solid crystal-like substances. It is needed for cement restricted hip prosthesis and revision cement restricted hip prosthesis to provide the temporary isolation of the bone cavity. It keeps the cement (which holds the hip prosthesis) from getting into the bone cavity, and it fills up the gaps between the bone and the prosthesis. This ensures the proper fastening of the prosthesis. After it has fulfilled its function, it would be absorbed in the bone cavity by the body fluids.
Sector: Medical Technologies
Country: Hungary
Area of Application: Surgery, Physiotherapy, Orthopaedic Technology
Keywords: prosthesis, bone plug, orthopaedics, medical technologies
Advantages: The plugs can be manufactured at least six different sizes designed due to the different bone cavity sizes. These sizes are designed, tested (both in animals and in humans) compressing, corrugated, and manufactured. The plugs will be manufactured by pressure compressing, and then sterilized by radio-irradiation. Advantages of bio-compatible bone plug: - It shortens the time of the hip revisions operations by 25%, which means this technology makes the time of procedure shorter by one hour. The patient spends one hour less in sleep, and the doctors and the assistants save 25% of their capacity. Further advantage is that the patient needs 25% less of the blood used through the operation. These cause cost-efficiency. - It simplifies the procedure needed to be done in case of a prosthesis revision, lower the risk, which is caused by the removal of permanent plugs. - Bio-absorvable bone plug of hip prosthesis causes no injury and/or health problem for the patient. - It does not need specific know-how to be use. - After short preparations of surgeons they will be able to use bio-compatible plugs.
Environmental aspects: Not Applicable
Development Status: Commercial Prototype
Legal Protection: Secret Know-How
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Transfer Terms: Joint Venture , Technology Licensing
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