Stereoscopic Location Device
STEREOSCOPIC LOCATION DEVICE FOR EARLY DIAGNOSIS OF LUNG CANCER: The Stereoscopic Localization Device for Early Diagnosis of Lung Cancer has been designed by Professor YU-KUN YE. This newest, world's leading clinico-medical instrument has won China Invention Award, China Invention Patent and also the Gold Medal in the 26th Geneva International Invention Exhibition. With authentic and meticulous assessment, the advent of this invented device has been authorized by Professor YING-KAI WU, the distinguished specialist of cardio-thoracic surgery both inland and abroad. Using the apparatus clinically in more than 2,000 cases in 162 hospitals and institutions in China, it has been unanimously revealed that around 90% of the cases could obtain positive diagnosis on first aspiration biopsy, especially for the malignant lesions sized about 1 cm in diameter. Using the device, mis-diagnosis of lung cancer as benign lesions or conversely is also avoidable. Constitution of the stereoscopic localization device: Main part: Platform, upright column, transverse rule, vernier caliper markers, etc. Accessories: Specially-designed Syringe (30ml) Specific aspiration fine needle 22G (include 8/10/12/16cm); 21G (include 8/10/12/16cm); 20G (include 8/10/12/16cm). Management: Moving the bottom, the vernier caliper makers on transverse rule and upright column of the device under X-ray, the stereoscopic location of the small lesion of lung in three dimensions of vertical, horizontal and transverse sections can be soon established accurately. Then, both fine needle aspiration biopsy to the lung lesion and early pathologic diagnosis may be performed. CONTACT DETAILS: "Ba-Yi Hospital Nanjing, Post Box 2345,Nanjing 210029, China"
Sector: Medical Technologies
Country: India
Area of Application: medical instruments
Keywords: stereoscopic, diagnosis, lung, cancer, medical, instruments
Advantages: It overcomes many shortcomings in conventional mono-plane locating procedures, including the ultrasound, CT, MRI, ETC. With single accessory, it is more satisfactory and economical to be equipped in any hospital. Ease of operation; Simple in construction; Fine in adjustment; Accurate in localization.
Environmental aspects: Not Applicable
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Legal Protection: Patent
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Target Countries: World Wide
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