Utilization of Grape Marc and Vinasse Via a Two-Phase Composting Procedure
A Hungarian SME has developed a new procedure for composting of grape marc and vinasse. The offered two-phase composting technology is used for composting of fresh grape marc and other subsidiary raw materials and it can be used by grape processing companies. It does not contaminate the soil by toxic element content and does not reduce the amount and diversity of N-fixing and other useful bacteria. The placing of the enormous amount of waste grape marc generated in all over the world is an increasing problem. By processing 100 kilograms of grape-vine approximately 20-25 kilograms of grape marc is produced. From this grape marc high agronomic value compost can be produced by the offered technology. After distillation an environmentally friendly end-product can be produced. The whole composting process is not longer than 70-90 days.
Sector: Environment
Country: Hungary
Area of Application: The offered two-phase composting technology can be used by grape process companies.
Keywords: viticulture, grape marc, vinasse, composting
Advantages: The grape marc and vinasse compost produced by the offered technology is more advantageous than other composts and manures in many respects. Other composts and manure may contaminate the soil by their toxic element content, and may significantly reduce the amount and diversity of N-fixing and other useful bacteria.
Environmental aspects: Waste utilization
Development Status: Pilot Plant
Legal Protection: Patent
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