Procedure for Moderation of Environmental Pollution Produced by Municipal Solid Waste Landfills
A Hungarian SME has developed a new procedure for moderation of environmental pollution produced by municipal solid waste landfills. It reduces the environment damage effect of landfills. The offered technology is used for aerobic stabilization of mixed municipal solid waste. The technology is based on the partial treatment of municipal solid waste landfills which is independent of the amount of waste mass. The partial treatment can be described as an organic municipal waste aerobic stabilization and composting by use microbial inocula for optimal mineralization without application of inorganic or hazardous additives. During the process the stabilized municipal organic waste is placed on the untreated waste surface as a soil covering with high buffer capacity. The stabilized municipal organic waste layer is functioned as a buffering layer for reduction of environmental risk. The whole composting process is not longer than 70-90 days.
Sector: Environment
Country: Hungary
Area of Application: The offered technology can be used by the municipal solid waste landfills and/or the waste management of regional governments.
Keywords: municipal solid waste, composting, pollution
Advantages: - decreasing environmental pollution of municipal solid waste landfills and dumps - The stabilized compost layers with high adsorption capacity contribute to the immobilization of organic and inorganic micro-pollutants. - acceleration of mineralization by use microbial inocula (GMO free) - decreasing GHG, harmful gases and odor emission - increasing capacity of municipal waste landfills - The number of pathogenic organisms decreases due to the partial treatment.
Environmental aspects: Reduction of Environmental Pollution Produced by municipal Solid Waste Landfills
Development Status: Pilot Plant
Legal Protection: Patent
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