Diagnostic Probe, Kit and Method for Tonometric Examination
A Hungarian University in the field of modern healthcare and therapeutic diagnosis has developed a product which is a novel tonometric probe that makes it possible to detect disorders of the respiratory system and of the regional perfusion of respiratory gases by measuring the partial gas pressure of CO2. The probe is manufactured from silicone and has no balloon. The steady state condition of the body is currently measured through a tonometric probe, a plastic tube with a semi-permeable balloon. With the help of the tube the balloon is introduced into the stomach. After a short period, diffusion balances the carbon dioxide inside the balloon with the CO2 in the stomach which itself is in balance with the CO2 in the blood inside the wall of the stomach. This way, changes in the pCO2 can be detected that could forebode an organ failure. Our results show that it is possible to use a new type of tonometric probe without a balloon. In the new model of tonometric probe, the test material inside of the probe (air or saline), takes up carbon dioxide from the surrounding space through the wall of the probe at the whole length, therefore the filling time with carbon dioxide, that is, the time of measurement, is extremely short. The probe has a very small diameter because of which it is possible to perform the examination in patients of any age. In situations of emergency, a quick preliminary measurement is possible.
Sector: Medical Technologies
Country: Hungary
Area of Application: Medical Technologies: medical institutions, including hospitals and clinics and ambulances
Keywords: examination, respiration, tonometric probe, therapeutics, health
Advantages: - The probe is applicable in any age of patients, including infants & newborns. - reduced risk of the medical procedure - much shorter measurement time - It does not cause any discomfort for the patients - The device is quite easy to use. - four times lower than the price of the tonometric balloon type
Environmental aspects: Not Applicable
Development Status: Laboratory Model
Legal Protection: Patent
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