A Novel Central Venous Catheter System for Subclavial or Jugular Vein Puncture
A Hungarian medical research institute has developed a central venous catheter system for subclavial or jugular vein puncture. The kit contains the following items: insertion needle with the patented two-way valve system, syringe to check if the catheter is in place, the catheter itself, wrapped in sterile package and plastic adaptor to lock the catheter securely after the removal of the needle. The patented “HunCath” catheter system is a novel alternative to a safer catheter which can be widely used in techniques, such as pacemaker electrodes.
Sector: Medical Technologies
Country: Hungary
Area of Application: Medical Technologies
Keywords: vein, catheter, therapeutics, health
Advantages: Among all catheters currently used this product bears with the lowest risk for the patient and the easiest use for the physician.
Environmental aspects: Not Applicable
Development Status: Commercial Prototype
Legal Protection: Patent
Technical specifications: - Requires fewer changes of grip during introduction of the catheter into the vein therefore accidental withdrawal of the catheter is less likely. - The „HunCath” can be inserted into the vein wit
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