Technology for Determining the Absorption of Weakly Absorbing & Scattering Liquid Samples
Method and Apparatus for Determining the Absorption of Weakly Absorbing & Scattering Liquid Samples: A Hungarian Research Institute has developed a new type of cuvette for spectrophotometry, with reflecting surfaces. This makes it possible to lengthen the pathway of the light through the sample and in doing so dramatically enhances the sensitivity of the spectrophotometer. The method allows the measurement of the absorption of weakly absorbing and/or scattering liquid samples.
Sector: Other Technologies n.e.c.
Country: Hungary
Area of Application: Environmental and water management offices, State Public Health Offices, water quality measuring units, research laboratories, public health institutions, hospitals, clinics and university clinics.
Keywords: absorption, light, spectrophotometry
Advantages: - A thousand fold increased sensitivity for measuring weakly absorbing liquid samples. - Capability to measure scattering samples, currently not possible.
Environmental aspects: Not Applicable
Development Status: Commercial Prototype
Legal Protection: Patent
Technical specifications: The apparatus consists of a hollow measuring body with a wall with reflecting surface and at least one opening for receiving the sample. An opening or window is not coated with reflecting lining for i
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