L-Alanine (China)
L--ALANINE, L-ALANINE CH3—CH—COOH NH2 [Molecular Formula]: C3H7NO2 [Molecular weight]: 89.09 White or off-white sheet crystal or white crystalline powder, slight special smell and bitterness, melting and decomposing at 297?, easily soluble in water(17%,25?), slightly soluble in ethanol (0.2%,80%)and unoluble in aether.5%
Sector: Other Technologies n.e.c.
Country: India
Area of Application: Alanine has a wide application in medicine. It is the main raw materials for vitamin B6 in industry. L-Alanine is one of the important products the amino acid series. It is widely used in medical, chemical and food industries. A. Main Uses in medicine: It is a important part of sugar supplying nutrition infusion. The compound amino acid injection fluid, which is produced by L-Alanine, is new medicine mainly used to cure liver and heart diseases and it can cure catabolism disorder caused by liver function insufficient and can awake the patient of liver coma. It can also be used as good diuretic. B. Main Uses in food field: It can be used to improve the artificial edulcorator and the acid flavor of organic acid, highten the effect of chemical condiment, promote the flavor of alcohol beverage and improve the quality and flavor of oil and brew condiment and pickled product.
Keywords: L-alanine, Medicine, artificial flavor
Advantages: The technology passed the appraisal of the province in April,1994 and won second prize of Technology Progress. The technical and economic index and degree of industrialization development of the technology is taking a leading position in domestic. Advantages over the counterpart technology: simpler technological flow, more flexible operation, lower production cost, more stable quality, higher applicability, less investment on industrialized production. Conversion rate of aspartic acid reaches 99%. The quality of the product is in accordance with the standard in 21 edition of United States Pharmacopoeia (USP).
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