Renewable Technology of Straw (China)
Renewable Technology of Straw - Streamed-Shatter Technology and Solid Fermentation Technology At present, annual production output of crop straw in China is 500 million – 600 million Tons. Due to low return of farmland, incomprehensive utilization of the technology and equipment and the abandonment of the daily use of the straw as fuel, 75% of the straw were trashed or burnt directly. It not only wastes resources seriously but also causes the environmental pollution. At present, utilization ratio of straw resource is very low in our country. So, it is urgent and necessary to develop new technology to optimize the utilization of straw. Consequently, after years of R&D study, one scientific institution succeeds in developing two major technologies: streamed shatter and solid fermentation. The two technologies are up to international standards and own intellectual property rights. A series of green products with great significance are successfully developed in order to substitute for petroleum and coal source, reduce the pollution to the environment on the basis of the two technologies?modernized biotechnology and ample straw resource. After popularization, the successful implementation of the two technologies will accelerate the modernization of high efficient agriculture in our country, the beneficial cycle of agricultural ecological balance and promote the sustainable development of agriculture and national economy.
Sector: Other Technologies n.e.c.
Country: India
Area of Application: This project takes two technologies" streamed shatter " and" solid fermentation" as a technological platforms to form 5 ecological production systems and produce eight kinds of green products: 1 Xylo-oligosaccharide 2 Fuel ethanol 3 Corrugating medium 4 Cellulose 5 Biological feedstuff 6 Biological fertilizer 7 Green building materials--Hard fiberboard 8 Biological pesticide –Beauveria Bassiana
Keywords: Renewable technology of straw, streamed shatter technology, solid fermentation technology
Advantages: Depend on the Streamed-shatter technology, an improvement has been achieved in ferment industry.
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