RAFF - An Automatic Sheeting Machine for Bakeries
Raff is a fully automatic machine piloted by an electronic "brain". Its automated cycle permits 90 degree rotation of the dough, thereby saving on labour, effort and manual skills. Raff is such a versatile sheeting machine that it can do a lot more, even with hard, thick doughs. Supplied in two very different basic versions with much improved dimensions and production capacities than their predecessors, the machine can also be supplied with flour sprinkler and bandcutting carriage. The Raff cycle is simple. The dough obtained with the kneading machine is laid on the rotary carriage which unloads it into a moving mat. The mat conveys the dough into the head of the machine, where the first two rollers squash it briefly and push it towards the three main rollers. These rollers gradually complete the rolling process and again unload the dough onto the rotary carriage, ready to restart the cycle. The final thickness is thus obtained gradually, without "ill-treating" the fibres of the dough. The operator should just key in the instructions at the start of the cycle on the digital control panel. The number and type of sheeting cycle as well as the "rest time" for the dough on the rotary carriage can be programmed. The automatic transition from the initial to the final thickness during the first four runs can programmed, but also can be changed at any stage of the cycle. Raff can memorise up to 4 final thickness depending on the type of sheeting operation selected.
Sector: Machinery & Equipment
Country: India
Area of Application: Bakeries
Keywords: Automatic Sheeting Machine for Bakeries, Bakery, Bakery machinery
Advantages: Completely revolutionised, Raff is a fully automatic sheeting machine featuring electronic control of the entire production cycle. Many functions Specially developed computer programme ensuring maximum precision and versatility makes setting-up quick and easy. Advanced mechanical technologies used for different components (sheeting rollers, etc.). Different feeder mat angle makes it easy to roll even small quantities of dough. Rotary carriage moves over the entire width to collect the dough evenly and feed it into the rollers without pilling up. Thanks to its electronic programmes, this new model can be set for sheeting cycles without rotation and for cycles that include runs with and without rotation. The new carriage oscillates across its entire width during the dough collection process at the end of each cycle; as a result the dough settles without forming heaps and returns to the rollers evenly spread. The final product is obtained with fewer sheeting cycles, resulting in valuable time savings. Safe and simple operation thanks to the "active" and "passive" guards built to prevailing accident-prevention and health-and-hygiene standards. All the materials used are specific to the food industry and will not affect the properties of the dough with which they come into contact. Machine cleaning and maintenance are quicker and easier thanks to the new technical features and devices.
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