GRISS - An Automatic Bread-Sticker Machine
Italian company offers an automatic bread-sticker machine "GRISS". The production cycle is simple and efficient. The dough is passed along a moving mat to the drawing unit where two grooved rollers shape the bread-sticks. Diameter and number of rows can be varied to suit specific requirements. After cutting - an operation which thanks to the "guillotine" system, allows to obtain various sizes - the bread-sticks are rested on the tray or, in the version without automatic placement, on a moving mat. The machine operation is easy to regulate. A range of different and fully interchangeable roller units can be selected to make special products such as twisted bread-sticks, "rubata", "schiacciatina" and small pizzas. On request, a pair of preparatory rollers can be fitted in front of the drawing unit to achieve the dough thickness required.
Sector: Machinery & Equipment
Country: India
Area of Application: Bakeries: Griss, available on request in special industrial versions, can be adapted and integrated in automatic rising and baking lines.
Keywords: Bakery machinery, GRISS, Automatic bread-sticker machine
Advantages: Technological reliability, sturdiness and impressive production rates. Total quality control. Original and proven electronic "guillotine" cutting system which comes into operation when the product is stationary to ensure that the shape of the bread-stick remains intact. Maximum precision in forming the bread-stick: once the dough has been transformed into continuous rows, a mobile mat guides the product under a "guillotine" cutter; Griss uses electronic variability cutting device that comes into operation when the product is stationary. User-friendly control: the Griss control panel features several basic controls allowing to use the machine in either manual or automatic mode. The main parameters are the speed of the mobile mat that takes the product to the cutting unit, and tray advance. The bread-stick counter allows to set the number of bread-sticks to be placed on the trays. The speed of the belt bearing the formed bread-sticks, and the tray throughput rate can also be controlled.
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