Air Pollution Control Equipments (Italy)
Indian consultancy company offers a collaboration proposal with a renowned, 47 years old, Italian company manufacturing suction, filtering and energy recovery system for air pollution control for various kinds of industries (wood/plywood, saw mills, minerals, cast irons, aluminium, paper, plastic, cardboard, etc) and having a turnover of about US$ 10 million (INR 420 million). Italian company is interested in entering into Indian market and is looking for an interested Indian partner initially to manufacture its products under license through technology transfer followed later by a joint venture (JV). It manufactures suction systems, dust extraction systems, filtering and energy recovery systems, including centrifugal fans and bag-filters for air filtering, primarily for saw mills, wooden, furniture and plywood industries. It also manufactures axial electrofans, suction hoods, silencers, rotary valves, filtering units, scrubbers, storage silos, wood waste crushers, blowers, chimneys, electrostatic precipitators, spray booths, etc. All plants are designed by using CAD system. It specialises in turnkey contracts including designing, erecting and setting up of air filtering plants. It has exclusive agencies in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Russia besides its own branch in Spain, Malaysia and a joint venture cooperation in Brazil. It is about to be awarded ISO 9001 certification for air treatment plants. Its President was honoured with the title of Knights of Labour of the Italian Republic. It has a 9,000 sq.m. plant. The company sells its renowned quality equipments worldwide. The fundamental part of its activities is customisation of each product from the design stage to manufacturing. Commercial activities comprise air treatment, improving the quality of the working environment through fume and dust extraction and sound-proofing of the source of noise, disposal of dust and waste with energy recovery from combustible waste. Its experience in the field of producing equipment to reduce the risk of factory workers is very wide and includes all the industrial fields, the main fields subject to these risk being metal welding, painted panel brushing, sanding, gluing operations of shoes, casting in foundry, preparation of paint, rubber or aluminium presses and, besides, risk from long and prolonged noises to which workmen are subjected to each day. For these kinds of problems, it has knowledge of designing and installing customised solutions. The Italian company is looking for an exclusive reliable Indian partner (a small/medium sized company) that wishes to manufacture and market Italian company's products under license and technical collaboration. The Indian company should preferably be existing manufacturer of dust collector systems/allied products. The Italian company also has another well-known subsidiary which is a reputed and established manufacturer of driven rollers fixing used for idlers conveyors, flat carrying idlers, rubber covered idlers, externally and internally driven rollers, etc. This subsidiary company has virtual monopoly in this field and its products could also be available to the Indian company for import and sales within India.
Sector: Machinery & Equipment
Country: India
Area of Application: Environment, air pollution control
Keywords: Air Pollution Control Equipment
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Transfer Terms: Joint Venture , Others
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Contact Person: UN-ESCAP/APCTT
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