Industrial Axial Fans with Adjustable Pitch Blades (Germany)
A reputed European company, manufacturing industrial impellers, has many years experience with aerodynamic designing and manufacturing technologies. The company possesses most advanced CAD-systems and software. The range of products comprises axial fans with adjustable pitch blades up to 10 m diameter at standstill, fans from 1 to 6 m with automatic variable pitch in rotation and rotating parts groups. The ideal future partner company is either a metal working company, preferable in the air equipment or cooling systems manufacturing business, and/or a major EPC company with manufacturing facilities
Sector: Machinery & Equipment
Country: India
Area of Application: Electrical industry: the fans find usage in all environments, where the air volume has to be adjusted to cooling requirements and where a precise drop in temperature has to be achieved.
Keywords: Industrial Axial Fans
Advantages: Unique airfoil shaped blades made from extruded aluminium Adjustable pitch blades with pneumatic actuators and positioning valves High level of mechanical strength Highest level fatigue strength Highest level of corrosion protection of steel by galvanising Applicable in environmental temperature conditions from -50o C to +120o C Energy saving operation All fans are produced by cold working throughout the manufacturing process Produced under continuous quality control standards Wide range of accessories
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