Multi-Use Cleaning Machines (China)
Chinese organization offers multi-use cleaning machines (vacuum cleaners) series which have newly-designed structure, separate cooling system; large air output, high suction rate, applicability for both pump water and oil suction. The machines are equipped with water level auto-control device and air cushion that could be inflated in only two minutes. Apart from inflation, dust remover and suction, various accessories are available with machines to treat all kinds of industrial dirt including sewage, smeary oil, scrap iron, granulated rock, cullet, wire nail, wood chip, fiber etc. ( Patent No: 002183501)
Sector: Machinery & Equipment
Country: India
Area of Application: Environment, light industry
Keywords: Cleaning Machines
Advantages: According to the supplier, as different from other similar products, the machines are characterized by their compact design, extensive applications and high quality, gaining the recognition from customers all over the world. The supplier is claimed to enjoy good reputation in the international market, especially in India, Malaysia, Middle East, South Africa and U.S.A. as a result of the excellent product quality and timely delivery.
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Transfer Terms: Equipment Supply
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Contact Person: UN-ESCAP/APCTT
Address: C-2 Qutab Institutional Area
City: New Delhi
Country: India
Zip/Pin Code: 110016

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