Centrifugal Clutch (India)
Indian research and development organisation offeres the technology of centrifugal clutches. Clutches are employed to connect and disconnect shafts during their relative motion (under load) or at stand still. Of among all various types of clutches, friction clutches are most widely used. Centrifugal clutch which is a friction clutch is a simple, automatic and cheap device for connecting a driven shaft to a driver when the prime mover (motor or engine) has attained its rated speed. The centrifugal clutch consists mainly of two parts-the hub and the casing. The hub, which is having rectangular grooves on its circumference to provide a number of friction elements or shoes, is connected to the motor or prime mover. The shoes are made of the cast iron blocks on which the friction material is fixed by means of adhesive or rivet. The casing, which is connected to the driven machines directly or indirectly by a belt (V-belt or flat belt), is designed in such a fashion so as to cover the shoes completely leaving a small clearance circumferentially between the shoes and the casing. This means there is no mechanical link between the hub and the casing. When motor starts rotating, the hub rotates and the shoes come out radically out of the rectangular grooves and touches the outer casing, giving a frictional link between the hub and the casing. At the starting, the frictional contact between the shoes and the casing is a light wiping contact but as the motor gradually gain speed, the shoes exert more and more pressure on the casing due to increased centrifugal force. Hence the torque transmitted increases progressively and ultimately friction contact locks them together and both driver (hub) and driven (casing) behave as a single unit. So during starting, instead of driving the whole driven machinery, the motor drives the hub only and inertia of hub being much low, the motor practically starts without any load. Only at rated speed i.e. when motor reaches its full torque position the load gets connected.
Sector: Machinery & Equipment
Country: India
Area of Application: Machinery industry
Keywords: centrifugal clutch
Advantages: Simplicity of working and usefulness of such clutch will give a positive answer to user's transmission and installations problem. Driven machine can have the advantage of a no load starting device and overload protecting device. It is compact, efficient and economic. Engagement is automatic, No starting shocks on motor or engine. No lubrication and attendance is necessary. Gradual take up of power, with gradual increase of speed of the motor. Initially, being at no load, simplest and cheap electrical starting equipment can be used for motor. At highly load the shoes start slipping, this saves the motor from being overloaded. This is a small unit and occupies less space.
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