Laser Machine for Fine Welding (Russian Federation)
In many applications the laser is an excellent alternative to conventional welding methods. With laser, very thin materials can be welded and there is minimal heat input, so there is virtually no distortion of the part. Little, if any, post weld finishing is required. Laser energy is transferred to the detail without contact and applies no stress to the workpiece. Narrow and sharp welding zone, short welding time ensure no heating of the work piece and make it possible to weld materials like copper, silver, gold, etc. Laser machines can be used also for heat treatment of the surfaces, which increases surface hardness. Selective surface hardening can eliminate the need of post machining and yield substantial savings on energy costs. It is excellent for rotating shafts, bearing surfaces and races, gears or most static clips or hydraulic wear surfaces. During laser heat treatment, the body temperature of the part rises only a few degrees above ambient temperature. Base materials which are less expensive and easier to machine can be used. Therefore, materials can be selected on the basis of their function rather than on their ability to withstand the heat treating process. After laser heat treatment instruments or parts can work from 2 to 4 times longer than without laser treatment.
Sector: Machinery & Equipment
Country: India
Area of Application: Welding: spot welding of silver and gold jewelry chains repair of silver and gold jewelry chains, rings, seal-rings welding of the wires in electronics and motor production welding of pipes in vacuum apparatus welding of stainless, copper or titanium caps in vacuum apparatus fine welding in medicine instruments production Microcladding: Microcladding of instruments Repair of stamps with microcladding Surface heat treatment: Stamps and instruments cutting edges: heat treatment (increase life of the stamps and instruments from 2 to 5 times) parts friction surfaces: heat treatment in engines, cardans etc knife edge sharpening Potential users: Usually technological lasers are used on big and middle sized plants.They need three-phase mains power for operation and cooling water. The number of such machines is relatively small comparing to traditional treating machines. At the same time there are many users for whom the productivity of the industrial laser machines are excessive. The technology offering company proposes the machine, which can use one-phase mains power and work without external water cooling. This gives the possibility to use laser machine in any small plant or at home. The cost of laser is suitable for any user. The company therefore proposes compact and cost effective lasers, which can be used for spot welding and heat treatment in industry, for small scale production in medicine, jewelry and instrument repair.
Keywords: Laser Machine for Fine Welding, Laser Machine, Welding
Advantages: Narrow and sharp welding zone Short welding time
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