Automatic Recessing Head (India)
Indian institute has developed an Automatic Recessing Head as Machine Tool accessory by which a single or multiple internal grooves can be machined accurately in rotary as well as non rotary jobs. Conventional methods of machining internal grooves or forms have many disadvantages. Either the use of simple (stationary) tools to cut internal forms on rotating jobs or the use of tools such as boring and facing head on non-rotating jobs, or the require great care and skill on the part of the operator since operations such as positioning of the cutting tool accurately along the axis of the bore, feeding the tool readially to take the cut, controlling the depth of cut, and retracting the tool from the machined groove, to enable the tool to be withdrawn out of the bore, are to be done manually. This results in high production time and necessitates the inspection of every piece. Also, the dimensional accuracy obtained depends upon the skill of the operator. The Recessing Head has been developed as a solution to the above problems. The present tool has been specially designed for grooving operations in bores ranging from diameter, 15 to 40 mm. Built for lasting accuracy and low maintenance costs, it is suitable for a wide variety of recessing operations. The rugged construction of the tool permits high rotational speeds to be employed even for tough materials. The tool can be used as a rotary tool on drilling and boring machines or as a non-rotary tool on turret lathes. As the tool held in the machine spindle is advanced to the work, the pilot bush mounted on ball bearings takes location inside the bore and its flange face butts against the face of the work. Further advancing of the spindle actuates a unique slide mechanism, imparting a smooth radial feed to the cutting tool to take the cut. A micrometer nut on the shank of the tool facilitates setting of groove depth and acts as a positive stop to further movement of spindle after the desired depth is reached. Retraction of the cutting tool from the machined groove takes place automatically as the spindle is pulled back. The tool proves to be indispensable on applications such as tube sheet grooving, where a large number of holes are to be recessed. The tool can be used with economic advantage to machine internal forms like circlip grooves, ‘O" ring grooves, thread relief’s, back chamfers, back facing etc., on rotating as well as non-rotating jobs. The plant and machinery required includes: Turrent Lather Machines, Special purpose machines, Drill Machines, Sapper M/c, slotter M/C etc.
Sector: Machinery & Equipment
Country: India
Area of Application: Machinery industry
Keywords: Automatic Recessing Head
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Contact Person: UN-ESCAP/APCTT
Address: C-2 Qutab Institutional Area
City: New Delhi
Country: India
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