Heat Penetrating Cordless Thermal Pad
This device can be used to apply on parts of the body having pain for quick relief. It works on electrical power but can be used without the fear of electric shock. The device weighs 450 grams and can be carried even in a shirt pocket. It takes one minute to heat the pad and the heat preserved reamins for about fifteen minutes. The heat so generated can penetreate into body.The device has no cord.
Sector: Medical Technologies
Country: India
Area of Application: Medical aid
Keywords: Cordless Thermal pad
Advantages: Quick relief of pain; Can be used without the fear of electric shock; Compact and very durable; User-friendly; and Energy efficient
Environmental aspects: Cleaner Production , Energy efficiency
Development Status: Commercial Prototype
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Technical specifications: Power : 140 watts Weight : 450 grams Diametre : 90 mm Thickness : 15 mm
Transfer Terms: Turnkey, Others
Target Countries: India
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Address: Innova Reserach Centre Pvt Ltd Ochanthuruth, Kochi, 682508, India
City: Cochin
Country: India
Zip/Pin Code: 682508

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