Sawdust operated baking oven
The NERDC has developed the baking oven which can be fuelled on sawdust as the energy source. Presently the operational cost of the baking oven operated by the L.P Gas as energy source is very expensive as the L.P. Gas in the world market is very expensive. Presently the saw dust is the waste of agricultural sector as wellas the industrial sector. By using thje saw dust as energy the environmental pollution can be minimised Tehnology transfer can be the offering of full package and the technical consultant services
Sector: Energy
Country: Sri Lanka
Area of Application: food industry, energy, baking industry
Keywords: baking oven, saw dust, baking products
Advantages: 1.reduce the usage of firewood as well as L.P.Gas 2.reducing the area required for baking process 3.low cost 4.hyegenically good food can be obtained as there is no flue gas contamination
Environmental aspects: Waste utilization, Energy efficiency
Development Status: Fully Commercialized
Legal Protection: Patent
Technical specifications: SIZE- 4'X4'X4' for 64 loaves of bread per batch - 2'x2'x2' for 16 loaves of bread per batch TEMP- 300 c chimney-4' energy as saw dust
Transfer Terms: Consultancy , Technology Licensing , Equipment Supply , Turnkey
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Estimated cost (US$): 1200
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Contact Person: ministry of science and technology
Address: nerd centre, srilanka
City: jaela
Country: Sri Lanka
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