Consultancy Services in Landslide Hazard Potential Evaluation
The Landslide Studies and Services Division offeres consultancy services for evaluating the landslide hazard potential of a site. As most landslides and other forms of slope failures observed today are mostly due to haphazad development and inappropriate landuse practices. Most land in mountainous areas are developed today, without evaluating that land's vulnerability to slope failures. Even though certain land in hill slopes have low landslide potential before development, they soon become highly vulnerable to slope failures during or after development due to application of inappropriate construction techniques and land use practices. Our team offers consultancy services to overcome this situation. Upon request, the Geotechnical Engineers and Geologists in our team visit the site and make a preliminary evaluation on landslide potenial of the site based on the surface geological and geomorphological information. A preliminary evaluation report is issued to the client with recommendations to minimize the hazard if any. In addition, if necessary, the client is directed for a detailed analysis also. The cost of consultancy will change depending on the land extent, location and accessibility to the site
Sector: Other Technologies n.e.c.
Country: Sri Lanka
Area of Application: Sustainable development, Disaster management, Disaster mitigation, Hillside Development, Safe human settlements, insurance
Keywords: Landslides, slope failures, sustainable development, land development, disaster management, disaster mitigation, safety
Advantages: This service ensures the safety of the life and property of the area. The developers has the opportunity to ensure the sustainability of their development. The burden of releif and rehabilitation on the regional and national economy will be reduced.
Environmental aspects: Environmental Protection
Development Status: Idea
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Transfer Terms: Consultancy
Target Countries: Sri Lanka
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Contact Person: Government of Sri Lanka
Address: National Building Research Organisation 99/1 Jawatta Road Colombo 05
City: Colombo
Country: Sri Lanka
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