Services for Self-Sustainability of the Telecentres in Sri Lanka
We the fusion - Sarvodaya ICT4D Movement offer services for the sustainability of the Tlecentres in Sri-Lanka. Right now we are working with approximately 400 Nenasala centres, 17 Sarvodaya Telecentres and 150 Village Information centres. With us so many international organizations such as IDRC - Canada,, NESsT, CAB International & etc. are joined together for this great service. We are offering basic consultancy for entrepreneurial skill development, personal skill development programs to empower the Telecentre Operators. To offer this service, fusion developed in five areas...... 1.Knowledge Empowerment 2.Research & Development 3.ICT - Telecentre Allaince 4.Social Enterpricing 5.Finance & Administration In this stage we are working for total sustainability through self financing.
Sector: Information Technology
Country: Sri Lanka
Area of Application: Social enterprising, Knowledge empowerment, Research & Development, Management & Administration
Keywords: Self-sustainabilty, Telecentres
Advantages: Once telecentre operators become self - sustained stage, they do not have to depend on donor agencies for the survival. So they become social enterpreneures & they can reinvest their surplus for futher development of the telecentres.
Environmental aspects: Not Applicable
Development Status: Commercial Prototype
Legal Protection: Trade Mark
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Transfer Terms: Others
Target Countries: Chile, India, Spain, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom
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Contact Person: Sarvodaya
Address: 98, Rawathawaththa...., Moratuwaa.
City: Colombo
Country: Sri Lanka
Zip/Pin Code: 0000

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