Natural rubber latex based flowers for floral decor
The developed natural rubber latex based flowers and leaves are ideal in appearance to natural flowers and leaves and have several advantages over plastic or textile based flowers and leaves. The technique used in production is simple and cost of production of an article is also very low.
Sector: Rubber
Country: Sri Lanka
Area of Application: Floral decor
Keywords: Natural rubber, floral decor, latex processing
Advantages: These latex based flowers are non-toxic, washable, takes a minimum space during transport, environmental friendly, bio-degradable, no heavy machinery required, etc.
Environmental aspects: Bio-Degradable and Environmental Friendly
Development Status: Commercial Prototype
Legal Protection: Patent
Technical specifications: Non-toxic, washable and flowers and leaves of any colour can be produced
Transfer Terms: Consultancy , Technical Services
Target Countries: World Wide
Contact Person: Government
Address: Rubber Research Institute of Sri Lanka, Telewala Road
City: Ratmalana
Country: Sri Lanka
Zip/Pin Code:

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