Fish Silage
We can offer complete package of processing of waste fish (Marine or fresh water) and this can be use as an animal feeds. Also we will provide a complete feasibility report which consists of P&L, IRR, Cash flow and sales structure Assistance before technology transfer: - a) Sample batches for test markets b) Advice on equipment and information on suppliers c) Trials and information provided by client Assistant after Technology transfer a) Training of personnel b) Quality management c) Trouble shooting d) Evaluation of quotations for equipments
Sector: Food Processing
Country: Sri Lanka
Area of Application: Animal Foods.
Keywords: Fish waste, Animal feeds, Animal waste
Advantages: This is a low cost product as well as this can be help to maintain clean environment in fish industry.
Environmental aspects: Cleaner Production , Waste utilization
Development Status: Fully Commercialized
Legal Protection: Patent
Technical specifications: About 2000Kg of fish wastes per day can be use as raw materials. Major equpments are fish mincer , grinder and silage tank
Transfer Terms: Consultancy , Technical Services , Turnkey
Target Countries: World Wide
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Address: Industrial Technology Institutte 363, Bauddhaloka Mw, Colombo 07
City: Colombo
Country: Sri Lanka
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