Multi-purpose and Fast Working Food Processor
This machine can be used for food processing operations like mixing, mincing, juicing, squeezing, pulping, doughing, peeling, husking, agitating, crumbling, wet grinding, semi-wet grinding, dry grinding, scraping, heating, drying, seed and skin separation, beating, chopping, centrifuging, skimming etc. The machuine is fast working, energy efficient, space saving, labor saving, easy to change from one operation to the other and easy to clean hygienically. With a unit of the machine, a multi-product industry in a small unit possible. The multi-purpose and fast working food processor is a product which won the national award (govt. of India) for meritorious invention The machine can be used to produce products like fruit pulp, fruit juice, orange and grape juice without breaking a single seed (stone), pulp (free from skin and seeds) for tomato ketchup, dough for making chappathi, minced meat – fish and vegetables for making cutlets, polished wheat, beaten egg for omelet, pulverized spices, rice flour, tamarind pulp, mango pulp, gooseberry pulp, dry fish powder and chips, fried fish powder and chips, puttu mix, fine mixed food items, vada mix, wet ground mix for idley, banana powder, rough and fine chopped vegetables for pickles and curries etc.
Sector: Food Processing
Country: India
Area of Application: Very useful in processing industries where various processing appications are required.
Keywords: Multi-purpose and fast working food processor
Advantages: To set up a food processing industry, a number of machines are required. The multi-purpose machine can do most of the basic mechanical operations at a high speed and efficiency. Also see 'Description' above.
Environmental aspects: Energy efficiency
Development Status: Pilot Plant
Legal Protection: Patent in Progress
Technical specifications: The multi-purpose and fast working food processor is a custom made machine. It can be fabricated according to the capacity requirement. The smallest one weighs 165 kgs.
Transfer Terms: Technology Licensing
Target Countries: India
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Contact Person: Department of agriculture
Address: Innova Reserach Centre Pvt Ltd Ochanthuruth Kochi 682508 India
City: cochin
Country: India
Zip/Pin Code: 682508

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