MOLD - An integral component of Fan,Auto,Refrigerator.
We are a professional company in making Molds, which are integral components of Fan, Auto and Refrigerator. We are Experts inmaking molds and have many years of experience in making MOLDs. We also accept orders from interested companies for making molds. Our process complies with the international standards in manufacturing Molds such as ISO9 001. For more information, please log onto
Sector: Manufacturing
Country: Thailand
Area of Application: Manufacturing industries, Mechanical engineering, Automotive industry
Keywords: MOLDs,pump,auto,fan,refrigerator
Advantages: 1. We can make cost effective and Good quality MOLDs. 2. Our manufacturing process complies with international standards such as ISO9001
Environmental aspects: Cleaner Production
Development Status: Fully Commercialized
Legal Protection: Copyright
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Transfer Terms: Subcontracting , Technical Services , Equipment Supply , Others
Target Countries: World Wide
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Contact Person: Pran(2003) Ltd., Part.
Address: 128/534, Non-see Rd., Chong Non-see, Yannawa
City: Bangkok
Country: Thailand
Zip/Pin Code: 10120

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